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The High School Journal of Law & Society ("HSLS") operates as a collective of brilliant student minds dedicated to promoting and highlighting excellence in high school students' law and social science writings. By providing an outlet for publication, the journal aims to encourage student research, writing, and education in these fields of study. Through collaborations with seasoned scholars, the journal serves as an opportunity for students to get their work reviewed by professionals in their fields to create a well-developed, polished final product. 

HSLS is funded by the Whipple Writing Fellowship, a program that operates out of Brookline High School in Massachusetts. The fellowship was created to honor the late David Whipple (BHS Class of 2012, Yale Class of 2016) and his love of writing nonfiction.  He was an exceptional writer and student who had a particular interest in the study of Law. He graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Politics and Economics.  The Fellowship’s goal in funding the journal is to encourage young writers to rigorously research and write about topics that matter to them and the world. Special thanks to the Gladstone-Whipple family for their support of this nascent journal and its goal of celebrating young researchers and writers.

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