​The HSLS board is a democratic group that works together to promote excellence in writing and continuously manage, run, publish, and improve the journal. The board consists of high school students who are intellectually curious (particularly in the area of social science), enjoy the writing process, and are engaged in the community. Members work collectively to do the following: promote journal outreach, edit journal submissions, promote journal publicity post-publication, plan workshops/events, mentor younger writers, work in media and design, and liaison with experts. 

2020-2021 TEAM

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Founder; Editor-in-Chief

Kaya is a Brookline High School (in Massachusetts) alumni, and a current freshman at Harvard University majoring in psychology and minoring in either government or economics. She hopes to study the intersections between psychology and the justice system, and she sees herself pursuing a career as a lawyer or in criminal justice reform.



Editoral Board

Alex is a senior at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School and is passionate about public policy and political philosophy. She is especially interested in immigration policy and runs a podcast, Dishing on Immigration, which aims to share immigrant stories. Alex is excited to learn from her peers and surround herself by the next generation of lawyers and social scientists on the HSLS board. In her free time, Alex enjoys traveling, playing field hockey, and running. 



Editoral Board

Rania is a sophomore at McNair Academic High School. She has a lot of different collections, such as plush animals and sweatshirts (reference the photo of her wearing a sweater in LA). Volleyball (but not those 7 a.m. practices) and cooking are two of her favorite activities as well. She is interested in learning how the legal system works and how it relates to race, power, and class, which is why she opted to join the board!



Faculty Coordinator

Jen has been teaching for 20 years, 16 years of which she has spent at Brookline High School in Brookline, MA, She runs the high school's Legislature, Judiciary, and Student Council. Her interest in this project began with her role as the Director of the Whipple Writing Fellowship, a program that encourages excellence in writing at BHS through a variety of programs. Jen earned her BA in Education and History at Mount Holyoke College, her Masters in History at UMass, and her PhD in Educational Leadership at Lesley University.  



Editorial Board

Ethan is a junior at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. He grew up in Hong Kong and is interested in studying political science, law, and history. In particular, Ethan is passionate about environmental law and criminal justice reform. Outside of school, he is a huge Arsenal fan and has a pet dog named Simba.



Editoral Board

Maya is currently a senior at McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is interested in all aspects of political science, international relations, and law. Her involvement with the journal has come from her fascination with law and the opportunity to create student-accessible spaces. Outside of school and the journal, Maya enjoys playing club soccer, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and traveling. 



Editoral Board

Mia McElhatton is a senior at Central High School in Philadelphia, PA. She has worked as the community organizer intern for the Women’s Community Revitalization Project, an affordable housing nonprofit for women of color, and is Central’s mock trial captain, a writer for her school paper, and assistant editor for a city-wide school district paper. Mia is also University of Pennsylvania young scholar and plans on majoring in political science, sociology, and/or philosophy. She is passionate about increasing equity and equality through government, law, social science research, and nonprofit efforts. She is excited to help expand the High School Journal for Law and Society and continue her passion for learning. 



Editorial Board

Enya is a senior at Newton South high school in Newton, Massachusetts. She is interested in international relations, law, and business, and works on the journal due to a passion for social justice. In her free time, Enya enjoys debating, rock climbing, and reading.

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Editorial Board

Tiffany is a junior at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. She is passionate about law and history. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys reading, writing, and playing the flute. She is thrilled to be working on the journal this year!




Editor; '19 - '20

Brookline High School Alumni Boston University '25



Editor; '19 - '20

Brookline High School alumni

Wellesley College '25


Email us with direct inquiries about becoming a part of the team.


Editing submissions

Outreach for submissions

Mentoring younger writers

Journal publicity post-publication

Planning workshops/events


Media and design (social accounts, website)

Liaison with college faculty


High school or college student for 2021-2022 school year, excluding rising high school freshmen​

No experience required, but helpful experience:

- Editing for a journal/newspaper​

- Founding or running a club/organization

- Being on a management team or board for a club/organization

- Submitting a research paper for publication


1) Join a groundbreaking initiative in leading the development of one of the first nationwide research journals devoted to law and society

2) Enter a national community of high school and college students passionate about the same things as you, forming unique relationships and connections.

3) Bolster your resume and/or college application through participation and by gaining experience and skills such as collaboration, communication, and analytical feedback that can be applied to future work.

4) Help mentor, develop, and publish/recognize new writers.

5) Make connections with college faculty, lawyers, and other professionals in the law and social science fields.